Introduction to the BNML Schema

The Elkera® Business Narrative Markup Language (BNML™) Schema provides an improved approach to XML content management for most technical, legal and business narrative documents. It can be applied to the simplest correspondence or the most complex legal contracts and technical specifications with numbered clauses and schedules.

The BNML Schema defines simple, re-usable patterns for the markup of narrative content to make it easier to develop XML authoring applications that will be much more convenient for authors than is achievable with other generally available XML schema or DTDs.

The BNML Schema's simple, tight markup model promotes the consistent application of markup by authors to enable automated content re-use and high quality publishing in print, on the web or in other electronic formats.

The BNML Schema is designed to be easily customized to enterprise requirements. New elements can be added with simple, re-usable markup patterns to handle most common narrative markup requirements. There is no need to remove large numbers of unwanted elements or work out how to manage unnecessarily loose content models. It enables developers to create carefully targeted markup to simplify all aspects of single source publishing application development.

The BNML Schema is freely available under the BNML Schema Public Licence.


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         Updated: 15-02-2006